Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let Freedom Ring!

Last week my family and I visited Historic Philadelphia. We took a few tours, including the Liberty Bell Museum and Independence Park which is the home of Independence Hall. 

The temps were near 100 degrees on our chosen travel day, yet we were very excited and honored to visit these awesome sites. Our tour guide put a few things into perspective for me during the Independence Hall tour. She said the men who sat in Independence Hall suffered the same blistering temps for 2 months that we were dealing with that day. They had no air conditioning. Our clothing options now are way cooler than what theres were. But they certainly had one thing: PASSION. Great men like George Washington and Ben Franklin put their lives on the line for a new country. If we would have lost the war, every man that signed The Declaration of Independence would have been considered a traitor and hanged without question. 

It makes me consider my passions. Family first, of course. Writing, dancing, baking. Travel, yes. Happiness. I shall strive for happiness everyday of my life. I will make every attempt to make my family happy as well. The great men that We, as Americans, honor today made huge sacrifices for all of us. So, I will make sacrifices for my family for their happiness. Even the smallest of them add up. I will cook and clean, do laundry and dishes, and make everyday a happy one!

On that note, I wish you all a Happy Fourth of July!