Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Trip to The Strip

Yesterday The Kid and I took my father to The Strip in Pittsburgh, PA. The Strip is one of our favorite areas of Pittsburgh as it never disappoints. During the week it is an area for wholesale vendors to sell their produce, meat, and seafood to local stores and restaurants. On Saturdays, however, The Strip really comes to  life! Outdoor vendors selling their homemade wares and goods fill the sidewalks. Food stands are everywhere and make everything from chicken kebabs to French crepes. The area is filled with eclectic and ethnic grandeur and natives as well as visitors to the city delight in just that. 

The Kid standing on the corner of Smallman ST. in The Strip. Wholey's, famous for its large selection of fresh meat and seafood is behind her with the red and white awnings.

Primanti Bros. A must see, must eat at diner. They are famous for their all-inclusive sandwiches!

Speaking of which......Turkey and cheese, anyone?

Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop. The owner is a HUGE fan of Willy Wonka!

Inside Grandpa Joe's. Your family can sit in one of the theater seats and watch the famous children's classic. Although, I must admit, it was and continues to be my favorite movie still!

The Strip is a fun way to spend a few hours, or entire day for that matter, in Pittsburgh!