Monday, June 17, 2013

State Capital Fun!

Last week my family traveled to our state capital- Columbus! Mr. Locke was heading there for a board game convention, so the kid and I decided to tag along and take in some of this city's best family friendly spots. Our first stop: The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

The Columbus Zoo has not only lions, tigers, and bears (oh, my!), but also houses a temporary exhibit-Dinosaur Island. This "island" is located in the upper section of the zoo and is home to some 25 animatronic dinos. These lifelike creatures move their heads and tails, growl, and roar. The coolest bit is that they blink. I was a dinosaur enthusiast as a child, so seeing these big beauties in their proper scale was a dream come true! The kid loved them as well. The zoo has adapted their pre-existing boat ride around this theme which, in all honesty, is a perfect melding of the two. Mist, mood music, and water spewing from some of the dinos added perfect little touches to the ride as well. The kid asked to go no the ride, which I gladly obliged. Hey, if education can be thrown in with a fun day, I'm on board! Get it? On board?

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